Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Bought my first full suspension mountain bike back in March. My previous mountain bike was a pretty beat up Liahona. Here are my before and after impressions.

(About a $400 mountain bike purchased four years ago. Has seen two years of daily riding on the streets of East LA and two summers of weekly riding in the foothills of Salt Lake.)

  • Climbing:
    Every bit of pressure I apply to the pedals will propel me forward. This is tough, but I definitely feel in touch with the trail. Wish I had better lungs and legs so I wasn't always having to catch up with the faster riders.

  • Downhill:
    My hands ache from pulling on the brakes. My arms ache from serving as shock absorbers. Uphill hurts but not as much as downhill. Hate those creek beds and all the rocks. Why do such great rides have to have such bad endings?

  • Conclusion:
    Can't believe I put up with this old bike as long as I did. What was I thinking?

Schwinn Mesa
(About a $400 full suspension mountain bike purchased in March 2003.)

  • Climbing:
    At first this feels a little less efficient. Some of my energy is absorbed by the shocks and I feel much more bounce, but I can lead the way sometimes. I'm not as ragged. So much better gearing and suspension. Guess my lungs and legs aren't that bad after all.

  • Downhill:
    Wow, my brakes work. I'm not in pain. Don't have worry about the rocks as much. This is also as smooth as swimming. I'm both faster and safer. And having much more fun.

  • Conclusion:
    Loved my first Schwinn as a 7-year-old. I think this Schwinn's also destined for a place in my heart. If I'm having this much fun on a relatively inexpensive bike, how would something more exotic perform?
Q: Where have you been?
A: Celebrating.

Q: What?
A: Seasonal stuff.

Q: You already wrote about the birthday. That was weeks ago.
A: But not the 25th anniversary, the sixth grade and high school graduations.

Q: And?
A: Well I've already written about them. Not here. In the journal.

Q: So why even mention them here?
A: Good question. Maybe because there are related resources.