Thursday, December 09, 2004

December 9, 1942

Hotel Cape Fear - Wilmington, North Carolina

Dear Father and Ruth,

I regret that we were unable to make it home for Thanksgiving. It would be nice to see you all again and to look the farm and livestock over.

Since I was being stationed at Camp Davis and the fact that the trains aren't running on schedule and that I had only 10 days to make the round trip and get located here there just wasn't time enough.

I met Joe in Washingtona and went as far as Chicago with him where we met Klee.

Joe showed us about Chicago for a day which we enjoyed very much. He then left for Milwaukee and we headed for N.C. by way of Washington. In Wash. Klee and I sat in on a session of the House of Rep.; visited a number of gov't places and buildings.

The weather was very cold in Chicago and Washington. It has been raining most of the week down here. I am being assigned to the 486 separate Automatic Weapon Batallion.

With the rest of the officers I was out looking over the set up today. From all indications it looks like we'll have a pretty good set up; providing it doesn't continue to rain every day.

Perhaps you received the bundle of clothes I sent home. If there is anything you can use you are perfectly welcome to do so.

I just arrived in town from camp and am waiting for Klee to catch the bus and come on in. We have a place out at Wrightsville Beach, which we were fortunate in getting.

My address at camp is 486th Battalion, Camp Davis N.C. and don't forget the Lt.

We'll be glad to hear from you; wish you well and a very Happy Christmas and New Year. With love, Klee and Rich