Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seven Communication Secrets

This study largely affirms the culture I work and live in. We're not perfect at these by any means, but I'd award some points in all six areas if I were judging this as a contest, which in a way it is. Watson Wyatt Study Reveals Six Communication 'Secrets' of Top-Performing Employers The study identified these six practices of high-performing companies:
  1. Focusing managers and other employees on customer needs
  2. Engaging employees in running the business
  3. Helping managers communicate effectively
  4. Leveraging the talents of internal communicators to manage change effectively
  5. Measuring the impact of employee communication
  6. Branding the employee experience
I'm adding a #7 because I think it's relevant and because I prefer odd numbered lists. And the seventh secret is:
  • Encourage the development of projects and processes that organically engage the first six. The stuff that goes on behind the scenes to pull of following annual event is an example of what I'm talking about: Winter Chairty Drive