Sunday, February 20, 2011

Limericks for Work

my.uen is a rich treasure
It helps teachers to a great measure
Is the foundation
And using it well is a pleasure

At UEN we embrace learning
It keeps our minds constantly yearning
We help great teachers
Become tech leaders
And for this, their praise we are earning

Parents give their children lots of thought
They fight hard for them to be well taught
Their kids should do well
And always excel
UEN helps this battle be fought

Warm springtime will soon be upon us
With UEN spring can be a plus
With games and great vids
Adults, teens and kids
Can make their cell screens a world campus

Brain awareness month helps us all think
But brain injuries really do stink
So to avoid pain
And protect your brain
A good helmet is the missing link

We’re pushing out a new LMS
Learning Management Systems are us
Campuses and schools
Will all use these tools
Utah teachers and students they’ll bless

A teacher lad who called himself Dan
Went a searching for a lesson plan
At UEN he
Found tons that free
Now his principal says Dan’s “The Man.”

A writer who called herself Annie
Of UEN was a fan, you see
She used Pioneer
Her research was clear
Now she’s an author of fantasy

A poor entrepreneur from Panguitch
Was seeking to make a great sandwich
At UEN he
Found recipes free
He’s now rich from his Panguitch sandwich

Bob loved the planet of Venus
But not quite so much as Uranus
At UEN Bob
Found science to laud
And now he is seen as a genius