Sunday, April 20, 2008

three tours in four years

photo from Joe's blog

1. 2005 - bike tour
2. 2006 - bike tour
3. 2007 - 5 K
4. 2008 - bike tour

Three of the past four years, I've participated in the Bike Tour event of the Salt Lake City Marathon. Last year, I ran in the 5K, but it was great to be back on a bike again this year. Two years ago my son joined us. I just re-read his blog entry about it. He's a great writer and photographer, and of course, I'm a proud papa.

I'm also glad that I got to see the event from the perspective of a Bike Marshall. That's thanks to Labako who volunteered to officially help people out, although, as you can see from Joe's post above, Dave's also lent a helping hand before in an unofficial capacity.

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