Sunday, April 25, 2004

Happy Birthday Dad

Congratulations on your 92nd birthday. I just got back from a great visit with mom and she lent me some pictures of you I’d never seen before. They were taken back in your newlywed days in Cleveland. You’ve got mom in your arms and you both look so happy and romantic. What fun for you then and for your family now.

I bet you’ve had quite a celebration in the last two days. With Uncle Rich’s birthday yesterday and yours today, I’m guessing Aunt Susan had a great time with you two.

So many happy returns on the day. Thank you for the gift of my life, for loving us all so unconditionally, for the wonderful times we had together, for your example of loving life, believing in your faith, cherishing your family, serving your country, savoring sage, sunsets and fresh peaches, for comforting me when I felt sick or afraid, and cheering me on in school and swimming, horsemanship and biking, photography and music and so much more.

With much love, your son,

p.s. Mom played Debussy's Arabesque tonight. She's amazing.