Monday, February 09, 2004

One Year Blogiversary

It's been a good year, this first year of blogging. A bit like a friendship I suppose. We got along pretty well right from the start, but there's more there now. More paint on the canvas. Some shared memories. Very few regrets. Growth. Some growing pains, but worth it.

What's been the best part of blogging in the last year? What have I learned? Did I accomplish what I set out to do? Did I find my voice? Was it ever lost? What's ahead?

They're all fair questions.

There've been some great moments. Getting feedback face-to-face, electronically, and in terms of stats (2372 unique visitors, 1225 via 164 website referrers, by far the most from the US, but a few from Europe, Asia, South America, Africa). It's fascinating to see how some things that have touched me have touched others.

I like the process probably as much or more than the actual product. And there have been some spinoffs you don't see here. Faster writing. More journaling. Clearer thinking--somedays, anyway. Certainly some reading and writing that I wouldn't have done otherwise. Some research undertaken. Some freindships made and strengthened.

And the voice? I did find one of sorts... photography. So what's ahead? I'm just going to take it one day at time, but keep looking for those rainbows.

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