Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Thanks for Visiting

I'm coming up on my one year blogiversary and am mindful of the challenges and rewards of this process. Among the rewards are better connections with people I know and some I don't. Here's the list of countries who have had at least one visitor come to this blog in the last year:

  Czech Republic  
  New Zealand  
  South Africa  
  Taiwan, Province of China  
  United Kingdom  
  United States  

Other than my colleagues, friends and family in the US, I don't know that I know any of my non-us visitors who landed here as a result of an Internet search. I'm glad you searched and I hope you found something of interest even if you didn't find exactly what you sought.

"Through the use of our Weblog we've been able to build a relationship, engage in reflective practice, have interactive opportunities that develop and broaden our knowledge base, and document evidence of growth..."
-Pam Pritchard, teacher, Lebanon, Ohio


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