Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hierarchy of Effective Communications for Educators in the 21st Century

This list contains both research-proven and best-guess items.

1. One-to-one, face-to-face
2. Small group discussion, face-to-face
3. Small group discussion via audio or videoconferencing
4. Speaking before a large group
5. Telephone Conversation
6. Personal E-mail
7. Handwritten, personal note
8. Website or blog the user considers “Must visit daily”
9. Clear, consise voice-mail
10. Group E-mail (subscribed to by the user)
11. Any E-mail that prompts the response: “Now that’s something I needed to know.”
12. Word-processed “personal” letter
13. Online search that yields relevant, credible information
14. Brochure or pamphlet
15. Article in online or printed organizational newsletter
16. News (online, broadcast, print)
17. Advertising (online, broadcast, print)
18. Mass E-mail (not subscribed to by the user)
19. Billboards, bus boards, other signage


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