Friday, July 09, 2004

"Are you still writing your blog?"

asks a friend in the hallway today. "Yeah, but you know I've been taking a writing class, so I'm doing a lot of writing, but it's made pushing the 'publish' button on the blog a little harder to do."

"Wait a minute, I thought a writing class should make it easier to write, not harder," is the unspoken comment. "It is easier to write, just harder to publish."

Something similar to this happens when teachers start their students blogging. The students become aware of readers and they seek to clean up their writing. Kids who didn't care about spelling and grammar have new motivation to get it right. Now that I'm a student again, I do care more about what I'm saying.

So, yes, I'm still writing and blogging. And in just a moment, I'll push the "Publish Post" button once again, even though it's not quite as easy as it was a few weeks ago.

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