Sunday, January 30, 2005

puddled fence

puddled fence Originally uploaded by rfin.

Just before New Year's I got note of encouragement from a good friend, "May you write the entire year without stoppping."

It's true I have written something everyday. It may have been in the line of duty at work, or an e-mail on the weekend. But what do I have to show for it? Not all that much. Some quality. Not nearly the quantity that's well within reach.

Now if you count writing ones and zeros in the form of a digital picture, I have a bit more to show for the first month of 2005.

Still, I did more writing in January than December, and wanting to continue to make the trend my friend, here's hoping that I'll have even more to publish--both photos and words--in February.

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Anonymous said...

Dad- a weird moment. I stared at your photo and couldnt' figure out where in the world I had seen it before, not the photo but the picture, the scene, and then I realized. Home.
I love you. Thanks for the phone call last night.