Monday, May 30, 2005

Persue Paradox (my first podcast)

It's been a great Memorial Day Weekend. Lotsa fam, food, memories. Two cemetary visits for me: Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Sundberg, Great Grandma and Grandpa Southwick, and Richard Gaskins at the Salt Lake City Cemetary, and my sweet niece Madeline at Larkin Sunset Lawn. We also attempted what grandpa Fin (Joseph T.) would have called a holiday "stunt" -- cleaning out the garage attic, part one.

And today is the birth of two FinCasts (i.e. podcasts by Finlinsons)

  • Here's mine
  • Here's Joe's

    Kelly said...

    Congratulations on your first 'cast. I enjoyed it. I like the idea of dueling podcasts coming from your residence. You and Joe could add a little Dueling Banjos and really get something going.

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