Monday, May 09, 2005

sax locations

sax locations
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A work associate asks: A friend of mine has played his saxaphone in lots of interesting places around the world (outdoors and indoors, like out of the way temples in the mountains, etc) there any interesting place in Salt Lake vicinity (in city or just outside) you might recommend he go and play his saxophone?

I replied with these questions: Has he ever played during the lunch hour at a University of Utah Natatorium? (or any pool of lap swimmers for that matter?) As a lunch time swimmer I would love to see and hear a sax player up on the bleechers as I swim my laps?

Or before a spinning class (indoor cycling) instead of the usual canned music?

Is he a mountain biker or hiker? Would he be willing to backpack or bike his sax up to the world-class Watch Crest trail? Or Ensign Peak? Or be helicoptered to Mount Vision?

A little closer to about an hour of chat and playing (maybe even some requests) on Radio West? (I loved the time Dan had the guitar player on. Other than Garrison, live music on live radio is such a rarity.)

How about a duet with something unsual like a pipe organ (Organ loft?) or bagpipes or tuba or harpsicord or tin whistle?

Ok, ok, really got me going there. Thanks for the chance to brainstorm. Good luck!

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