Thursday, July 28, 2005

sluicing for gold

Oquirrh mountains Originally uploaded by rfin.

Dear BR*, I've neglected you a bit lately, but I'm not really sorrry. If I'd just been loafing there might be some genuine guilt, but I've been doing some of that "other" writing--that non-blog writing--which usually bleeds over onto the blog eventually. So just watch for the red spot and in the meantime here's a great quotation from Eric Hoffer:

"Originality is not something continuous but something intermittent--a flash of the briefest duration. One must have the time and be watchful (be attuned) to catch the flash and fix it. One must know how to catch and preserve these scant flakes of gold sluiced out of the sand and rocks of everyday life. Originality does not come nugget-size. 1961

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