Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ringing in 2006

Happy New Year! I'm grateful to finish a thrilling and sometimes tough journey. It's been a great ride all-in-all, but I'm glad to have 2006 here and am looking forward to a number of things in this new year.

First though, a look back at a few highlights. Thanks to my son's 2005 goals, I got a taste of something new to me, running. Did a mini-triathlon on June 25 and discovered the indoor track at the Field House this winter. Running's already become less painful and more fun. Hope that trend will continue.

Enjoyed some success at the Huntsman World Senior Games in October. Swam in six events including my first 1,500 meter free. The best part of swimming this year was finally starting to get the hang of flip turns. Also enjoyed my first Antelope Island Moonlight Ride and riding in the Salt Lake City Marathon Bike Tour and the Josie Johnson Memorial Ride.

Of course these minor athletic joys pale in comparison to the satisfactions of family life. We had a remarkable year including trips to Orlando and Boston. We're proud of the kids accomplishments. We've now got just one left in high school, three in college and one who's got her undergrad degree and finished her rookie year as an RN. We're so proud of all of them.

On the more somber side of the ledger, 2005 brought the deaths of three dear women in the family -- a grandmother, an aunt and a niece. I'm so glad I had a few minutes with both my niece and my aunt before their sudden deaths in February and August. Family, friends, faith, and my camera and journals have all been a great blessing to me in this season of loss and gratitude for life.

2006 is already shaping up to be a great year. Sometime this summer we'll see our youngest son leaving for a mission. At my work we'll celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pioneer, Utah's Online Library. It's also year of cultural and scientific adventure with the 300th birthday of Rembrandt, the 250th of Mozart and the 150th of Tesla. I'm looking forward to more swimming, running and biking -- and perhaps a little travel as well.

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