Friday, September 08, 2006

diamonds and fragments

Some things I never want to forget. Like how I felt just a few days ago when our daughter got married. What a combination of pride, satisfaction, joy, gratitude, loss, love, memory, anticipation, expectation, laughter, tears, longing, hoping, seeking, finding, standing, walking, smiling, talking, listening, seeing, kissing, hugging, wishing, visiting, packing, knowing, believing and belonging.

Then there are things you don't quite know why you remember and you don't quite remember them fully, yet there they linger. For example, there's a radio commercial from the old days of K-PIX and K-NAK. I must have heard it thousands of times. I'm sure it ran for years. If you grew up in Salt Lake City in the sixties or seventies, perhaps you remember it, too:

    "From Antwerp, from Johannesburg, from diamond capitals of the world, come the fine diamonds at Diamonds Limited in the Surety Life Building. See Gordon Lobb a diamond expert with 30 years experience..."
And that's all I can pull. Not the full commercial, only a fragment. I do know Joe Lee was the voice. Perhaps Ray Graham will also remember.


Kelly said...

Wow, does that take me back! Skinny Johny Mitchell, Lynn Lehman's Lemon Awards. Hey does this mean I am old?

Scott Lloyd said...

I remember the commercial too, and heard it so many times I can recite it from memory:

"From Antwerp, Johannesburg, New York and Los Angeles, from the diamond capitals of the world come the fine diamonds featured at Diamonds Limited.

"You always save one-third at Diamonds Limited.

"Choose from a large selection of wedding sets priced 100, 200, 300 dollars up.

"Nothing down, pay as little as ten dollars per month. And remember, you always save one-third at Diamonds Limited.

"In the Surety Life Building, 1935 South Main."

I just went on line and found a Google digitization of an old Deseret News page with a print ad from Diamonds Limited. Accompanying it were two "news" stories, one announcing that Gordon Lobb had been named general manager of the store as it was about to open.