Sunday, January 06, 2008

warm winter swimming

University of Utah natatorium

Why would you want to go swimming when it’s so cold outside? All the usual reasons:

  • stress relief
  • cardiovascular health
  • blood pressure regulation
  • increased efficiency in producing insulin
  • better sleep
  • increased metabolism
  • stronger immune system
  • improved digestion
  • improved sense of well-being
  • improved mood

Of course there’s the perception that you’ll get cold, but I’ve found that a swim actually warms me up. So instead of telling myself it’s too cold to go swimming, I’ll say a good swim would sure help me warm up today.

So one of the best reasons to go swimming on a cold winter’s day is to spend a few minutes in a warm, nearly weightless environment that will be good for you at the moment and make the rest of the day go better, too.

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