Tuesday, January 17, 2006

top ten killers - how we doin?

Pulled out my old paper-based planner tonight to get some old phone numbers. Found a yellowed newspaper clipping I'd taped onto one of the pages...

Top Ten Killers Number of deaths in 1991 per 100,000 people. Heart disease 286 Cancer 204 Stroke 57 Lung diseases 36 Accidents (non-auto) 35 Pneumonia, flu 31 Diabetes 19 Suicide 12 AIDS 12 Homicide 10 Source: National Center for Health Statistics I wondered how the stats have changed over the years so I googled NCHS and found this page with similar stats. Although it has much more detail, here's how the newer numbers (from 2000-2002) match against the older ones. cause/1991/2000-2002/+- Heart disease 286/247 -39 Cancer 204/196 -8 Stroke 57/58 +1 Lung diseases 36/43 +7 Accidents (non-auto) 35/35 0 Pneumonia, flu 31/22 -9 Diabetes 19/25.2 +16.2 Suicide 12/10.7 -1.3 AIDS 12/5 -7 Homicide 10/6 -4 So it's a mixed bag, with some progress in reducing deaths from heart disease, cancer, pneumonia-flu, AIDS and homicide. Not much change in non-auto accidents, stroke and suicide rates. And increased death rates from diabetes and lung disease.

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