Monday, January 03, 2005

All the Best, Olene Walker

At noon today Olene Walker becomes former governor as Jon Huntsman, Jr. is sworn in as Utah's 16th chief executive. I agree with the Deseret Morning News that as the state's first female governor she was a "popular, bright and experienced CEO" who will long be remembered.

I'll also remember her frank yet disarming demeanor at all twelve of the monthly news conferences she held at KUED. There's no doubt that producer Ken Verdoia's comments at her last broadcast are felt by many today:

"...thank you for your months of, not only service, but of candor in this setting. And I don't think I speak solely when I wish you the very, very best to you and your family, and a great appreciation of the people of the state of Utah for stepping in at a difficult time and doing, by any measure, a remarkable job in leadership in the state of Utah."


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