Tuesday, January 15, 2008

from 110 to 6 degrees

Just a few short months ago, on July 16, I was on business in Phoenix and the high temperature was 110 degrees. I wrote, "It is warm, but not really that bad. In fact I think I'll miss it a bit -- certainly this winter. I'd rather be too hot than too cold and the dry heat here makes the pools feel refreshing."

Tonight in Salt Lake the low is predicted to be 6 degrees. Cold, but just for perspective, consider the temperatures this time of year in Siberia. The predicted high in Irkutsk is 3 with the low to be -9. In Ulan-Ude the high will be -10 and the low -23. Novosibirsk will be a bit warmer with the high -1 and the low -5. Yes, these are on the Fahrenheit scale.

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